Use this form to make an appointment, request laboratory results, copies of your medical record or immunizations, medication refills or send us a message. Please note that if you need an appointment today or tomorrow, it is best if you call the office, rather than use this form. This form is for appointments, like well visits, sports physicals and follow up visits, that need to be made in the future. Please note that not all providers are in every day, and we may need to arrange for certain supplies, like vaccine, to be available for your visit. So if we have trouble meeting your choice of date and time, we will call or email you.


Use This Form to Request an Appointment, Laboratory Results, Medication Refills or Just Send a Request:

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If you are requesting a referral, please include the date, time and provider you have an appointment with and the reason for needing the referral.

If you are requesting a medication refill, please include the medication, dose and pharmacy name and location.


When you click on the above "submit" button, your request will be emailed to our office. We will send you a confirmation email in return within 24 hours. if you don't hear from us in that time frame, please call the office. Thank you.