On this page we hope to bring you the current news about what is happening in our office and in Pediatrics, generally, that will impact your children and their health.


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What's New

What's New at Ambler Pediatrics?

Acess Your Medical Record From Your Home Computer

It is now possible to access your medical record from your computer, download a summary of your medical history and/or immunizations, schedule appointments, and communicate and ask questions of the medical staff in a secure, HIPAA compliant email. You don't have to aquire or download any software. The process makes no changes to your computer. And it is absolutely free!

It is easy to set up. Just send us your email address that you want to use as an ID. We then send you an "invitation" to use MyHealthWare, a program that exists on our EHR vendor's secure server. You will receive this email from us with instructions on how to proceed. It is a simple matter of setting up your account which creates a secure link. If you aren't sure how to do this after reading the instructions, just call us and we will walk you through it.

We Now Offer Scheduled Alternative Types of Cliinical Encounter

You may now schedule time with one of our providers to ask questions, receive advice, show photos and discuss your prescriptions. While there may be times that it is improtant to see your child to give correct advice, many times simple matters can be handled by phone, email, or video chat if you have the capability. Call for futher advise on when such an encounter is safe, and how to schedule so that the time is convenient for you.

What's New in Pediatric Medicine?

Influenza Vaccine for 2015-2016

It is almost that time of year again: Although your thoughts have now turned to finishing the school year, graduations and summer vacations, we are actively planning for the Fall Flu season. The influenza vaccine, both Mist and injectable types, have already been ordered and will be delivered in mid-August. Plan on your family getting their flu vaccines before returning to school or shortly thereafter. Once tThe kids are back in school and the weather is starting to show a chill and children start to congregate indoors, they begin to share their germs. It is natural, and part of Hootiedeveloping a normal adult immunity. On average, a school age child will develop six to 10 colds or fevers each season, between October and March each Fall and Winter. The one thing you can do to minimize the chances of their experiencing a more sever illness and minimizing discomfort, is getting them, and you, a seasonal flu shot. This year it is especially important. So get yourself a flu shot this year, even if you never have. Unless, of course, you live under water, like our Hootie, pictured here.

Teens who frequently use marijuana may have lower IQ later

Although several states are considering makingmarijuana legal, it still pays to maintain a certain degree of caution. Researchers conducted IQ tests on more than 1,000 adults in New Zealand and found that those who regularly smoked marijuana as teens had an eight-point drop in IQ scores by age 38. They also noted that early, frequent marijuana use was tied to an increased risk for memory and attention problems. The findings appear in the journal PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) Early Edition.

Concussions are happening far more than they should!

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has resources for parents, athletes and health care providers on how to prevent concussions in our young athletes and criteria for when parents should call the doctor. You can download some of these here. See the CDC site for even more. The CDC link can be found on our Resources page.