Influenza Vaccine

For more information specifically targeted at the current year's influenza strain, H3N2v, and vaccine, visit the Center for Disease Control's (CDC's) Seasonal Influenza (flu) web site at

The Vaccine Information Sheets (VIS) for the vaccine being distributed for 2012-2013 is currently available at the CDC site. Our practice has the vaccine in stock and is administering it to patients now. Call for yours.

Vaccine Information - General

Many parents are interested in learning more about vaccine, especially the risks and benefits to their children and family. However, all to often, parents do not know where to turn for reliable, evidence based, information and far too often rely on "hearsay" of friends and neighbors when making these important choices for their family. We feel it is our responsibility to help you learn the facts - and untruths - about childhood vaccines. We have put together the following list (with hyperlinks wherever possible) to informed sources. As always, if you have questions about your specific situation, please do not hesitate to ask us!

Vaccine Risks and Benefits